Monday, July 11, 2011

130711 is totally not my day :(

Yesterday, is not my day. Had an eff-ing shit day. I HATE SCHOOL D: Having chaos :( Arhh terrible. Terrible school year. Hope to go elsewhere meet new people, new friends, new environment and new school.

Okayy, back to Sunday. Went to church EARLY in the morning. The BB had their BB Sunday. One word, "stunning". Then, night time, went to Tanahmas to attend The Queen's Live Final.
Soo Wincci (蘇盈之), the 50th Ms. World Malaysia and Malaysia's AVON spokeperson. She's currently filming the first 3D movie in Malaysia 'THE HUNTER' and she had just released Chinese album entitled 盈。光
DJ 杨理强 (Li Qiang) of Ai FM. He's currently hosting and co-produced the popular 爱耍Young、爱FM我们的排行榜 at Ai FM (103.3fm in Sibu, Sarawak).
and the other 3 more judges. :D

Outfit of the day:)
Blouse from Bugis.
Singlet from Le Ann.
Skirt from Cotton on.
Bangles from Diva.
Bag from MNG.
Shoes from Crocs.
It's quite a nice place right?
Something awful that night. It's suppose to start at 6.30 pm but lots of the sponsors haven't arrive yet so they delay it till almost 7.30pm. At that time, I was super hungry. Unfortunately the dishes wasn't ready yet. So, we need to wait. The MC started. I was like damn. Why? Because the speaker was just right above our heads and it's super LOUD. Not the usual loud it's SUPER DUPER LOUD! Then, there comes the first contestant singing 开门见山. Imagine. I was like covering my ears and I can still hear it clearly. My poor almost thorn and it was damaged. That's the terrible part. Funny part was a man singing 情瘤感菌dressed like a doctor. He's super funny. And the other man wearing a 肚兜. Yerrr.. pretty shocking. LOL...

Back to my outfit, it was actually a mix and match. I love doing mix and match. Feel bored, wearing the same outfit every time. Same top match to the same bottom. BORING! So, I like to mix and match. :D Will share more about it when I discover another new mix and match :D
Thanks again for viewing my blog :D

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