Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday :P

Went out for breakfast this morning at HONG FU :D
It's located near Medan Mall there. Haven't been there for so long almost 2 years since the new buildings were built.

8.19am, mummy texted me. Wanna go out for breakfast? Am fetching your bro at 9.oo am. 8.30 am, alarm clock rang and when I saw the message, obviously it's a YES! Haha....
Outfit of the day :)
Top from SUPRE
Long necklace - SG

Had some DIM SUM there. Ermmm it was ok... not so bad and not so good. Still prefer the TAIWAN one near bus terminal there :)
No before, sorry for the after. Looks kinda terrible LOL

Watching Season 1 of 华人星光大道 now.

After the last season of 超级星光大道 the winner, 李佳薇, I'm looking forward for the next season. And now, here comes the first season of 华人星光大道. The judges went to L.A, Singapore, Malaysia and of course Taiwan to interview people who has awesome voices. 5 Malaysians from Astro 新秀大赛 went there too. They are...

Very excited. Waiting for the next episode. Many awesome voices in there. Looking forward to :D

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