Monday, July 18, 2011


Decided to blog in chinese again for today :P

嗨各位!今天,在学校,疯了!和朋友聊了很多很多关于K-Pop的东西。我只能说K-Pop的影响力实在有够力的!赞!:P 打华语实在是太慢了。算了,时间紧迫,我放弃。:P
K-pop day at school :P

Went home, nap, studied a bit then watched my SG drama. It's ep 19 and it's up to the TOP. So excited now, cnt wait for tomorrow. Will tell more about the drama next time :D

Then, prepared for tuition at 6.30 :P

After that, dinner. (Concentrate, LOOK, Stare! Seeeeeeee... Open your eyes BIG)

That's my dinner. :P
So little rice :(
Cz that's one of my diet plan.


8.30pm, when I was tuition-ing, mum texted me, hungry? Wanna eat sth? Ofcz I say no. Mum say she'll wait me at the kopitiam down my tuition there. Then they ordered NOODLES, wet one. It's MY LOVE K! Then, I ate it :( Gahhhh PHAILED :(((
Never mind, I still got tomorrow. LOL

Spot the black part on my nose. Gahhh pimples love me A LOT. Esp the area near my nose. SIEN. It's like continuously, the pimples kept popping out on my nose for three weeks. And it's the BIG BIG one. Extra painful. Cnt even press on my nose when I sneeze. Cnt even scratch my nose when it's itchy :( It's recovering now, THANK GOD *peace. Wanna find some better products. But it seems like it's hard to get it here in Sibu :( Gahhh...... MA FAN-nyaaaaaaaaaa~~

That's all nights :D

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