Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cut hair 记

Hey hey. Long time didn't update my blog cz i got nothing to blog about.

Today, it's my cut hair 记. Long time didn't cut my hair. Since last year I guess excluding cutting my fringe. Well, how long is my hair?
It's this long!!!!!!!! And I'm loving it because I can curl it anytime with the curl thing or I just tie it up in a bun and it becomes like that :) And now, my hair's short. very very very short :((((( As short as,
ZOMG!!! I guess it's me or my hairdresser is out of our mind. This is extremely short for me. Not that it's not nice. My hairdresser he's pro enough. it's nice and lovely.I love it. It's just that I love my long long hair. And I'm missing it now :( Now, I don't think I can curl it :( And now, how long do I need again for my hair to grow back????? One year?! No way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait that long!!!!!!!!!!!! Shoot! Wrong decision again :(

*Last night.
Me: Ma, I wanna cut my hair.
Mum: When?
Me: ASAP. Tomorrow la!
Mum: ok then.

Mum: Cut where?
Me: Fringe.
Mum: Fringe nia?! Your hair is too long k!
Me: back too la but not too much arh.
Hairdresser: How?
Me: Erm fringe until mouth there then back I want it to be like ping ping de :)
Hairdresser: Ok la like this short can? (showing me with the mirror)
Me: ok
Hairdresser: Ok you wait first arh.
Flipping the magazine while he's dealing with other customers. I was changing my mind that I don't want it to be ping ping de I want a little bit V de.
Changed my mind and I told the hair dresser.
He started to cut a bit and showed me the length.
Hairdresser: ok ma?
Me: Hmm shorter a bit.
Hairdresser: ok.
then he started to cut cut cut. And in my mind, I was like shoot! I wanna cry liao, it's damn short. After he finish cutting, I was like hmm ok la short jiu short. It'll grow back soon. Plus it's quite nice de :) Well, I just miss my long hair.:(((((((((((((

To my dearest hair:
FAST FAST GROW BACK ARH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
I miss you hair.

Btw, I didn't meant to blame my hairdresser. He's still very good. He's awesome :)

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