Friday, June 3, 2011


Boo! Hey hey... :)) Boo boo boo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just found out this cute cute BOO from someone's blog :))) No idea what's Boo and who's Boo? Look here !
Cute kan?
Wanna find out more? Click here

Saw my post about my hair yesterday? No? Click here

I've cut mah long hair :( And now, it's short. Mah friend said that it's so not obvious in the pic I've shown in my last post. So here it is, my short hair :)

看我那慈祥的脸儿 :) *winks haha

Very very short right? Compared to my ex-hair :( And now I just have to wait :)

Song of the day :) 太完美 by Super Junior M :)))
Well, 没有一样东西是完美的更何况是太完美?Nothing's perfect :( There's the up and down in our life or our life will be boring. There's difficulties to make us stronger. Happy things to make us feel better :)
Some issues surrounding me nowadays :( Geezzzz Is that why I'm always hungry? LOL I'll just keep on praying to God. I hope he'll help me :)
Gonna save more money for next month cz some events coming up and for my future life :) Going elsewhere for studies next year and I don't have much money :( Terrible :(
So, keep viewing my blog and click the thing down there :) Like this you'll be helping me le :) I'll appreciate :) Thank kieww those who are keep viewing my blog and thanks for your support :) *awww tears :') (just kd)

Geeezzzz PIMPLES!!!!
*If you had any idea on curing it, please tell me. I appreciate :)

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