Sunday, May 29, 2011


It's Sunday! :) Went to study law early in the morning at 7.00am! Woke up at 6.15am. Get changed and everything, off I go. It's a terrible morning. Sleep y like hell and cold like hell too. The first teacher there teaching law (fyi an old man around 60-70) gosh my first time listening to a man talking in such a blurry way. No kidding, I can't understand what the hell is he saying. I know he speaks BM. Without the power point, I can't even understand him. He teach and like he's teaching in his own world, talking his own language. I bet no one can really 100% get him. And all of a sudden, he come out with a sentence: " 他把车当飞机开啊?! 妈...!" Which means someone drove a car like driving an airplane then he nearly poops out a harsh word. WOW. Shocked me! That's the terrible one. The good one was after the break, there comes a nice girl teacher. She's good. So soft. She only teaches the MAIN POINT! Awwwww that's so nice :D

Then after my law lesson, I went to parkson to get myself a new lens. I'm so loving it now :D
It's FreshKon. RM 40 a pair :D LOVE IT!

Saw it? Natural ei? :D Haha

After that, went back home and got myself ready cz I'm going to Zen again :D (I LOVE ZEN)
Before heading to Zen, went to Carey's house. We reached Zen around 6.00 pm, we're the first one but we left at 8 sth. Don't worry I'm not that kind of selfish customer. That time not much people so me and Carey just sat down there enjoy ourself talking, gossiping and eating. We were too busy gossiping so I forgot to take to delicious food and did some camwhore :(

Outfit of the day :)
Top and bangles from Cotton On
Shorts from Bugis
Bag from SG
Headband from Forever 21

And and and I did my nail polish. People can't understand my nail polish (I guess) if you do let me know :) You'll make me feel good :)))) LOL. Well I just love the colourful :)
My thumb with dots and love.
(cz i duno what colour to paint ler)
purple, orange, blue, pink
( I'm too dark so many colours don't suit me D: )
My feet :( Ew too fat :(
My toe looks weird right?

Tomorrow's Monday. Decided to watch the girls drill tomorrow morning at 8 sth but I'm just worried that mummy cnt send me :( And tomorrow I still need to study. I mean I MUST STUDY! YESH! MUST! :D Nights peeps. Enjoy :D *yawns

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