Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Late post, Happy Papa's Day :))

Hahahhahhhahha so how am I going to start first? Hmm picture first la :)
Sorry for the bad quality photo :(
Out fit of the day:
Top & accessories - Cotton On
Belt - MANGO
Shorts - Bugis

Okayyyyy. Remember about my Mama's day post? No? Click here It seems like pretty touching. Mummy loves it. And Papa's asking for one too. LOL.

One day, at facebook,

Mama: Thanks my lovely girl, I enjoy the dinner
Papa: what about the Papa's?

Lol it's only 12 May and he's already asking for it.

Okaayyyyy now, here it is. Here we go!!!!

It's Sunday. Obviously I didn't say Happy Father's Day to Papa. Cz shy ma~~~ :)) Then, we went to Payung for dinner. Hmmm food were okayyy. Didn't take pics cz we were busy eating :(

Okayyy well, my dad is a really impatient man! EXTREMELY IMPATIENT! He got a 啤酒肚 LOL and he got 老花了.

LOL Father....
Father of course plays an important role in our life :)
Without him, there's no me. Without him, I got no better life.
He earns real hard to support my family. 1 big thanks.
He pays to let me study. 2 big thanks.
He pays to let me go for tuition. 3 big thanks.
He earns to let me and my family live in a better environment. 4 big thanks.
He earns to buy me goods 来满足我人生很多很多的欲望和诱惑. 5 6 7 8 9 10 big thanks.
I forgot what to say liao. LOL... Hahhahhahhaha...................................

Conclusion: 我家老豆是个很凶而且也很 harsh 的爸爸. So, don't bully me or he'll work with my mama to tear you into pieces and throw you into the deep blue sea to feed the shark! (just kd) :))
贪吃的他 :)

Happy family :P

That's all for my Father's day post :D
Gonna go for tuition later. Byeee~~~
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