Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday *winks ;P

Hello hello hello again peeps. Here again to blog :D Love blogging, sharing some part of my lives to ya all :D Your support makes me feel good too :)

Okayyyy, back to the point. Hmmmm woke up around 10 this morning. Hungry like hell. Walked down, hoping there's something nice to eat to feel up my hungry stomach. Who knows muummy asked you want cheese cake or shake? Gosh I ate both :)

After that, of course I studied some History. Some only. After that, went to Popular. Bought two books and some stationaries.

Then went to church for GB Sunday. Brought my camera decided to record down the performance by kids and take some pictures. Who knows when I press the 'ON' the screen says battery EMPTY!!! Gahhhhh =.= Then all the pictures are not with me. Will post it after it's on FB. Then used my phone to record. Half way, memory FULL. =.= Erhemmmmm..........

Now, take a look at this. Katy Perry's Last Friday Night. Very cool and creative MV.

*Spot the man with the six packs. He got AWESOME body LOL

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