Friday, June 17, 2011


Hey hey. It's blogging time again. :)) It's Friday. Finally :))) Finally school day comes to another end thought it's only two days break :)
Very glad that I got no tuition tonight:)) Gonna "high fan tian" myself tonight :)
Okay, what's my day-time schedule just now?
1. School
2. home
3. eat
4. bath
5. tuition
6. home

That's all. Actually, I'm very 宅. :) I can stay at home all day for many days doing my-very-own-personal-happy-enjoyable-things unless I really feel like going out for shopping. I'll only feel like going some places with reasons not for just walk walk "gai gai" like that. :) 宅吧 :) *winks
In case you got bored. Pictures first :)

Ok ok!!! Something serious now! It's Father's Day this coming Sunday. DO YOU KNOW THAT???!!! If you don't boo you! How can I know it but you don't. C'mon spare some time with your dad. Show just some of your cares and love to make your daddy cry. *just kidding. No idea through what way? Don't wanna say it with your mouth cz you're shy. EASY. There's something called FACEBOOK :) Post it and ask your dad to read it. Or just like me post it on blogger like on Mother's Day :) Papa was asking for the PAPA'S. LOL *how cute? Gonna post another touching one this SUNDAY :)) Can't wait for it.

Papa's day. What to do? Planning to go to PAYUNG to have dinner :) That's all SIMPLE :)) Haven't start earning so can't buy anything for papa. Next time I'll *PINKY PROMISE. Two years later wait till I earn some from nuffnang and churp churp. (So, remember to visit my blog more often and also click on the nuffnang adds and and and also churp churp. thanks :)

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post. Dinner at Li Hua Hotel :)) Nights :)

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