Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Hellooo!!! Exam still on la!!!! Didn't study anything yesterday cause I overslept in the afternoon :( . Then night I got my Physics tuition. After that, "date" with my lappie till late night.

Woke up 7.oo am in the morning (ZOMG!!!) to have breakfast with my parents at YUMMY. Had ROTI BOM. Absolutely NICE!! :) Cheese was not bad too but not choc :) Then had tuition from 8.00 to 10.00 am. Geezzzz... After that, got myself ready for mummy's friend's daughter birthday bash at Sugar Bun at 12 sth.

Outfit of the day :)
Top and shorts from Bugis.
Headband from Sereni and shentel :)
and Guess' flip flops :)

Playing with Sereni and Shentel's headband :)

Then had my nap again till 3.30 pm. Studied my Sejarah till 6.30pm. ZOMG! I HATE SEJARAH (fyi, history) esp Islam Islam Islam Islam Islam. Don't misunderstood. I don't hate Islam. I just don't like the topic about Islam cz it's hard to study and memorize esp the names and hard-to-understand-words. Goshhhh the names are freaking long! And the names are repeating but I don't think they are the same person =.=

Gonna have my BM test tomorrow. Studied a bit just now. RANDOMLY :) Wish me luck then :)
I can't wait for this exam to finish ASAP! I wanna go ZEN again to have my soft shell crab and I wanna go shopping, I wanna sleep till late late late morning and Mummy will say 太阳晒到屁股了咯!LOL Time to sleep now or I'll doze off again during my test tmrw :) NIGHTS :))

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