Thursday, May 19, 2011


Ellooo again peeps!!! :))) It's still the exam period and what am I doing here? *slap slap slap Answer : Facebook-ing, blogging online-ing. fml =.= Gonna have add maths test tomorrow :(
School finish at 12.30 today. Had my nap after bathing. *slap slap slap Lying on the bed since 1.50 pm and I don't feel like I did sleep till2.45 pm. I HATE THAT FEELING! I'd been lying there for almost an hour but I just feel like I had been thinking of sth useless for one hour and I didn't sleep !!! :(((
3.45pm, add maths tuition. 3hours!!!! Till 6.45pm and had my add maths tuition at 7.oopm. What a tiring day. So that's why I'm relaxing here now, blogging :))

Not a picture of mine. Is a picture of Lewis Walt's flats. ISN'T THIS CUTE?! Heard that it's extremely comfy. It's now very HOT!!
It's extremely sweet and gorgeous esp the candy colours :) Will blog more about it when I'm free. Keep on following my blog :) Tata. P.s Wish me luck in my History test tomorrow. Hope that I won't fail again :) *peace

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