Wednesday, May 25, 2011


It's night time now and I really feel like blogging :) Really put much effort on blogging cz I LOVE it :))) *winks haha :P

Well, today's the second last day of exam and tomorrow's the very last day of exam :D Weeeeee :)) *Hi-5 people!!!!! After the exam, it's gonna be holiday!!!!!! *Hi-10 peeps!!!! Had Biology test today. I didn't even read yesterday since there's three hours for me to read at school before the exam. So, I did read for like about one n half hours then started talking there cause I scanned through all the experiments and did like 10 or 15 objective questions from the past year questions. Main point, I can't really understand the experiments. Potometer, enzymes, plants, starch, acid, iodine.... They know me, I dunno them. Sorry.... I'll try to know you more during the upcoming holiday :D

Very lucky, some of the objective questions (1/2/3) did came out from the past year question. And very luckily I know how to do or I'll slap myself for not remembering it. And luckily there's none of the question I did saw it on the past year question book when I was scanning through it on the exam paper OR, I'm gonna knock my head on the wall and slap myself three times for not looking through it carefully :D Tomorrow, last two papers, Add maths and Maths :D

As I said holiday is coming so so soon :) I still got tons of things to do :)
My holiday to-do list:
2. Go to Zen with friends
3. Go to study law
4. Pass my law
5. Buy lens
6. Go shopping
7. Watch PPS
11. Uniform camp
13. ENJOY :))))

Randoms shots! :D
All of my accessories :)
Trying to fill it up.
I don't mind you to help me :)))
(on suggesting me nice ones larr haha )
earrings :) *spot the pink round one sweet and simple
but the camera just accidentally focus on the big rose.
That was a bit over LOL

*Spot for the Smiley face and ribbon earrings. They are from Diva
The Ribbon one was my LOVE
From Cotton On :)
Ribbons from Forever 21
Heart ring from Diva (seems like killer)
others from Cindy. It's cute :)
From Diva :) Ribbon my LOVE :)

*Spot me :) Haha :D
One morning, the BIRD.
This curtain seems so sweet, lovely and romantic. LOL :D

Finally finish my post. It's late already. Nights peeps!!! :)))

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