Monday, May 16, 2011


It's Monday night and I'm blogging now cz there's no school and exam tomorrow. Yay! *hi-5!!!
But I have tuition at 8.oo am and gonna have breakfast tomorrow morning at 7.00 am.

Mummy and daddy went to Kuching this morning for Daddy's body checkup or wat de. Doctor say his blood vessel was blocked again. Geezzzzz damn scary when mummy told me. I don't know how to describe cz it seems very complicated and I'm still blur blur.
Conclusion, Daddy's health not very good now :( *sad face

People, health is very important. If your health is terrible, you can't do anything thought you have tons of money. So, take good care of yourself. Eat more vegetable and fruits. BUT, I hate vegiess!!!! HATE!!!!! What can I do. I just need to eat. :(

Wanna have this? *pointing down.

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