Thursday, May 5, 2011


Elloooo peeps. I'm back to blog again :)) Today's Thursday. Pretty tiring day. Slept late yesterday night, woke up early this morning. Reached home at 12.55 pm, finished my lunch at 1.15pm, bathed then tuition at 2.00 pm. I don't even have time for my nap :( After my tuition at 4.oo pm, I have another tuition at 4.15 pm. till 6.15 pm. Geezzzzzzzzz...... so tiring. After tuition, when I got home, I'm already exhausted :( Sleepy like hell but I don't wanna sleep study for not more than an hour, do some chemistry:) I just prefer Chemistry than Biology, Physics and History :)
Board shorts day :) Long by Carey, short by me:)
Tomorrow's Friday. Tomorrow's gonna be the BIO-FRIDAY-BIO-DAY. Whole day BIO! From 7.00 am till 4.30 pm. Geezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :(((((( I dislike BIO man! Luckily that afternoon's Bio tuition is cancelled or I'm gonna study again :((( Night time i got my Physics tuition again :( Cnt help :( this year SPM.

Today, I was too bored during my malay lesson and I was fooling around with my dude. I picked up a 爱情小说 from my friend, trying to read a page see what's about it. And I came across some 肉麻 恶心的话:
我,伸出我的左手,你伸出你的右手。我紧紧握着你的手。I was like acting there with my girl friend. Ewwwwwwww
Another one,
“你是闪电,我是雷声 =.= 我们两一起淋着雨” ZOMG
Funny one,
" 你伸出你的手,我伸出我的手,不知道我们握着谁的手" O.o ||||| 那里只有两个人怎么会握到别人的手呢?
Gosh this love story makes me and my dude laugh for the whole period, reading and acting like idiots cz Malay lesson is too boring :)

Video of the day :) If you are a Malaysian YOU SHOULD WATCH! It's telling how we Malaysian, Malaysia are :) Enjoy :))

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