Monday, May 23, 2011


It's 24th May. Left two more days, exam is going to end and my amazing holiday is going to start. :)) This exam is making me so freaking sad cz I did quite badly for most of the papers especially History and Chemistry. I always failed for my History since last year. The worst was last year's last exam I only got 20+/100. ZOMG terrible. This time, I predict only 32-36/100. OMG how am I going to live?! that's so terrible and horrible for me :( *SAD Chemistry, I was too sleepy when I was having the test and I did extremely bad for that paper. Well, "I'm so sleepy"<--- that was just a horrible excuse of mine. I shouldn't find an excuse to cover up my what I've done. The truth is, I didn't study as much as I can.:( *REGRET. There's no more next time. I'm gonna work extra hard this holiday since there's two weeks. BUT I only got one week to study cz the second week was all about CAMP. YAY!!!!!

CAMP!!! Monday and Tuesday, there's uniform camp at school. I didn't take part due to SPM this year. BUT I'm gonna go and support them. And and and the most exciting part was the fun night on Monday. Everyone's gonna perform and I'm gonna sit down there clapping my hands and scream out my lungs :))) Tuesday morning, which is the very main point of the uniform camp, that's the drill competition. I'm still going there to support my GB mates :) Wednesday to Saturday, I'm attending the YLRALT- GB cam :) It's my very last GB camp. Again, I'm going to have fun with all of my friends, laughing non-stop for the 4 days, scream out my lungs during all the fun moments. LOL *CRAZY

Spot my specs. Bought it last year BUT BUT BUT I wanna change one cz I'm bored with it.

I'd always one this since long long time ago. BUT I just can't find it. Anyone please tell me, in Sibu, where got sell? Or internet. :)

These two are still not the cutest and the best. It's hard to find something perfect.
My lens had just expired. I want something more to natural. It's hard to find again. I had no idea why. Stay tuned to my next post.

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