Saturday, July 27, 2013


Friend is back again from Penang like so sudden, so i had an impromptu sleepover at another friend's house last night.
After school, just travelled to auntie's house to visit grandma and then travelled to the west to meet friend to meet friend. We had our standard meal there, Curry chicken + bread with our alishan milk tea. Like every single time.

Wanted to have yoghurt but we were too full, so we headed back to the east cz friend's house is at east side.. So the whole day I traveled from west to east to west then back to east again. =.= waste my money :(

Friend's cute doggie. She's super loyal loh like don't let me carry, and keep on ignore me one. Whenever friend went out of the room and close the door she.ll cry and wanna follow her out.
Surprisingly, I straight away fall asleep as soon as I done bathing and lye on the bed. And I sleep quite well. normally in a new environment, I can't sleep well. I stay awake for few hours then sleep a while, wake up a while then sleep then wake up again. Maybe because I was too tired yesterday. 

Then, this morning we actually planned to wake up at 10.30 am in the end we woke up at 11 sth nearly 12. So fail. Then we walked to the 328 katong laksa since we're at Joo chiat.

The morning face sucks :(


All of us had no idea why is it so famous and so many people cz it only tastes fine for us. Btw they still got the photo of the lao ban niang with HK top stars like 金城武 wahhhhhhh sia

So, after brunch, decided to head back to west to before heading back to east to meet my mum. I thought mummy will take a long time to reach SG from JB cz of the jam. So i decided to take bus, who knows, the traffic kinda sucks and mummy reached earlier than expected. SO I rushed home, and bath and this and that then rushed back to east again. From east to west to east then to west again :( tired siaaaaaa :(((

Then after that, went to Parkway to do our meni pedi. Enjoying siaaaaaaa.... hahaha The pedi part was damn shiok, getting those dead skin out lol

Chio not?
The gel meni was fine lah, neon pink + the glitterish cost $88 normal $78 one nail diff colour/add glitterish add $10 more WTF I had no idea what to choose and the lady kept giving me stupid suggestion like the colour damn ugly. And she chose one orange and she showed me her nail and she said " neh like my nail lah nice ho?" I'm like errrr IT'S NOT NICE LOH! uhhhh And I got damn sien half way cz they keep on promoting stuffs to us like do this do that and the price is all like amazing bombs. Ewwwwww just can't stand. Like  please I know they wanna earn more but when people say no means no liao, we already so paiseh saying no to you then you keep on promoting like in a bueh paiseh way, like half forcing, can't stand! I would rather go Bugis for cheaper one.

We only had our dinner around 9 when most of the stall wanna close already.

Hungry looking face

Wanted to have Pepper lunch but they say they got no rice liao :( so I was walking around and I remembered earlier my friend said the 盐鸡 nice but what she said is in somewhere else and suddenly I saw the word 盐鸡 and I didn't even know if it's the one she meant. Since it's chicken some more got rice also, so I had that.
And great I ATE TOO MUCH TONIGHT! I even finished up what mummy couldn't finish! DAMN IT! :(

Today the weather is like AMAZING! Not a second of hot. All the way cold. SHIOK! Gotta sleep now, super tired! Tomorrow's gonna be another fun day, eat and shopping! TOODLES ! 

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