Saturday, July 20, 2013


Had been really busy these days cz the due dates of my assignments are just right around the corner! pffftttt lets not say about that first! 

Had my second meet up with old friends at ikea last last week, catching up with each other. It's really great! We just sat there for hours, keep on talking! The feeling is just so great!!!
 So going ikea, the standard thing is, to eat their meatballs! Like seriously! Freaking awesome! And oh yea! Craving is finally satisfied after like half a year! GREAT!

Then last week, Cat is back from Penang for only 4 days, so we just managed to squeeze some time out to gather at our old place LE ANCHOR POINT! Yes, so we met up at school first then drive to Anchor point! Lol why at school, while some of them are not the student there any more? 
Cz everyone misses the popcorn chic combo there! Hahhaha Remember I used to have this almost every single day with my friends during break time. Now, somehow I quit cz it's just too FATTENING! :D

Somehow, everything just reminds me a lot about my Diploma! Gosh! I just miss my Diploma lah! Seriously! Dip is like way more awesome than now! As in the people around me! Not saying the people around me are bad or what, it's just that the chemistry and atmosphere not as good as last year loh... Lol like talking some romance sia... Totally not kay!

I wanna say this tho I sounds childish or what, during Dip me and my friends, will go to the toilet together during break time and after school and we wait for each other. But now, I got no such friend lol.... I KNOW I JUST SOMEHOW SOUNDS STUPID but it's true kay! You know, like back in the secondary school like that! So I always have a lonely trip to the toilet alone! But we some times will at least go buy food together tho! Hahhaha sounds lame IKR! Okay only sometimes we'll go buy food tgt and ok right everyday we take the shuttle bus tgt. 

So last week, I just had too much of those yummy food and I overspent! So this week, I just decided to eat grass and save some money! :( Sad case Coming back here just waste all my hard work dieting so hard when I was in Sibu for the damn 2-3 months! I NEED TO START EXERCISING!!!!! 

So, it's Sunday nw, and I just can't wait to pass up my last assignment next week and have my study week! So called study week but for me it's HOLIDAY!!!! And yesh! Mummy is coming over next week!!!!! Double yay!!!!

Showing my face to end this post :D

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