Monday, July 8, 2013

Coping with food

Okay it's been almost a month already since I moved to this new place, I'm getting used to it right now. 

So this time, the biggest different from last time is, I got to cook more. Last year, i lived with my relative, they cooked so i didn't really bother to cook. But now, I'm on my own, no relative, no mummy, no kakak :( mehhhhh.....

So, I cook almost every day except week ends. I just cook simple food lah don't expect like the zi cha at the kopitiam everyday got fish, vege, meat, soup and rice. Still not that level yet. Since there's no frying pan and oven, the food that i can cook is actually very limited. So, i can only boil, steam or heat with microwave. 

Seriously, my first time ever experienced touching raw chic breast! And the way I cut is like super cacat! I don't even bother to use a chopping board, I just like cut and tear lol. Some times i even laughed at myself

The sec thing is fruits. Ofcz I got touch and cut it before lah..... Just that the apple cut liao doesn't look like the proper apple it looks super cacat and yes only people who doesn't knows how to cut an apple does that, 1/3 of the meat that can be eaten, GONE, being chopped off! Wasted....

Then few days ago, i decided to have eat some rice but there's no rice cooker. So i just googled how to cook  rice without a rice cooker? It's so easy just cook it with water with the ratio of 1:2 means 1 cup of rice:2 cups of water thn cook it for 18-25 mins. Seeeeee so easy! So okay, bought 1 kg of rice back, it's only me eating so I only cook like less than half cup and thn add water thn cook and I cnt really count how long cz I forgot whn i started and I just agak agak. So the first time I tasted it seems not fully cooked so i let it longer and then when i open the cover, okay too late, the bottom like chao da liaoooo so I dig out the upper part an throw away the chao da ones. But still not enough to eat, so I cook another time, telling myself must count the time, 18-25 mins and I did still put alarm some more! 15 mins later, CHAO DA! And okay I decided next time I should put it to maybe 12 minutes lah! TOMORROW! Hopefully no chao da rice please!

And I had no idea why the not chao da ones taste crunchy! 

Le fishball! Seriously, just any fishball you purchase here in SG is like AWESOME! Can't find that in Sibu tho. Seriously! In love with fishball!

This still tastes fine tho. Chicken soup plus not garlic bread but bread with mayo and cheese/ tuna! :D

The easiest yet not bad one, Carbonara! Chose the 'skinniest' looking spaghetti cz mummy said it's easier to cook.

Okay fine, best is this lah! LE MEE GORENG! Can't resist this! Add an egg is like MARVELOUS!

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