Monday, October 15, 2012


Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy blogging at this time is just GOOD. Again, it's been a while since I blog. Don't why, just my blogging spirit disappeared this year, so that's why I don't update my blog so frequently. But, it's back now, I think? Should be.

Okayyyy, back to my last post, my b'day post, erm I'm now back in Singapore and my second term had started for almost a month. WOW. Super fast! Everything is just like normal here. Wake up, school, chill, home.
Back to the first day of Sem 2, which was the first day I got back from Malaysia, school starts. Everyone was like super talkative talking non-stop. And of course, a meet-up after school, is a must! So, we gathered at the normal place and chit chat non-stop, like always. So after dinner, we went out to chill with our yogurt ice-cream. And I received belated presents from my sweet friends here in Singapore. Full of accessories cz they know I'm a accessories lover. No accessories on my hand, it's gonna be weird. Picture above,
1. Reading the sweet b'day card.
2. Looking into the present
3. Oooohhhh happy girl with her accessories.
4. ARMSWAG BABEH!!!. My Fav, is the spikes!

Now, term 2 got more quiz than term 1. Okay great! Term 1, I feel so like free and wanted to have more work at least like I'm school-ing. And term 2 now, I'm complaining like why I have so many quiz? That's the fact, human beings are always like that!

Next post, it's gonna be my outfit post perhaps! Excited! Stay tuned!

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