Monday, March 26, 2012

Final week :D

Just knew that I haven't been blogging for a month.  OMGeeeeeee.... gg.... Okay so now, I'll just try to blog what had just happened in this month. I'll just try if it's still in my memory :) Hmmmmmmm.........

Okay, 1st is SPM result. It's finally out last Wednesday. Like finally. After the three months of waiting, the day had finally come. Not as nervous as going up on stage. Went to school at 10 am. Walked in with Carey and Zhi Wen. It's super weird. Cz I hvn been in school for months. I just missed school a little bit. :) Then, went to the hall. It's flooded with students and also some parents. I can't recognize lots of them. I was asking Zhi Wen, why there's so many strangers today? LOL sowieeee. 

Waiting for like so long. I was sweating there. Whole process like a tortoise. SLOW enough. Everyone's nervous. Finally I got my results. Scroll down, not bad a row of A's but only a few A+. A lil disappointed but I'm still grateful there's no B.Weird feelings. Okay, so, my parents were like more nervous than me. My dad even text to the 15888 or what to check my result. TWICE. Lol *calm down.... 

After I got my result and printed few copies of my result slip, I need to work my ass off to get myself enrolled to Nanyang Polytechnic in Singapore. Getting all those things done by myself is crazy. Man, it's so complicated. Luckily I'm done with it. Hope that I'm not that stupid to get everything done wrongly or I'm dead. :D 

Going on next Wed, but I hvn start packing. Still thinking what else do I need to buy and what else do I need to do. Hmmm.... I gotta eat whatever that's not sell in Sg. Kampua, gongpia and Chao mian wet one and ermmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm OMG my mum's dishes. I'm gonna be so healthy there cz it seems like my relative there eat healthily :D VEGIESSSS.

Life out there is not going to be easy. Need to handle everything by myself. Arh!

I'm now so excited. Can't wait. Brand new life there. *peace. 

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