Monday, April 7, 2014

Facts of being a girl + Carousell

Girls are just born to be a shopaholic. Used to shop so much for clothes. Luckily I managed to control myself more now, by just staying at home or avoid going Bugis, or just psycho myself or whatever to prevent myself from buying shit stuffs. I just got this so called "illness" MUST BUY. Like someone trying hard to psycho me to buy the thing.

Like sometimes now I got some random thoughts like I FEEL LIKE BUYING SOME THINGS. So i just scroll those blogshops, gmarket, zalora, singsale or whatever website for few hours, I got things wanna buy add to the shopping carts, then lazy to make transaction. So, I'm like fine forget about it DON'T BUY! It's actually good right. So I'm still not that serious.

I believe most of the girls will have the same problem as me. Well at least most of my girl friends have the same problem as me too. So I'm not the only one :D

Scenarios when girls doing their basic routine, SHOPPING.

1. OMG so cheap! MUST BUY!!!! 不买白不买 , buy for the sake of buying it, since it's so cheap, just buy la. Never mind one, $2 only.... Then you ended up buying 10! And out of 10 probably you'll only wear 3. WASTE MONEY

2. When the lighting at the fitting room is totally different from your house's lighting. The mirror in the fitting room is not the same as your house's mirror. You think look absolutely gorg, absolutely fab when you are trying out the clothes before you purchase it. Then, once you got home, it's different case. You think you look absolutely fat, ugly and none of your top matches the bottom or vice versa. FML so what had happened?? Kena possessed when you were trying out the clothes?

3. Trying to be different from usual. Usually you are more like the casual type of person, a top, a high waisted shorts, slippers and off you go. Not casual till you seems like having a fashion crisis. Just not so fashion but acceptable nice look. Everyday you look people wearing a super nice super fashion outfit but it's not so your style and you go I SHOULD TRY THAT STYLE! And you bought it. After that you're like ermmmmmm I THINK THIS IS A BIT OVERRRRRRRR or DON'T THINK THIS SUITS ME THO =.=

4. When you shop at those place that you can't try those clothes it's even worse. Cz, 1, it's cheap. 2, you won't know if it fits you or not unless you failed so many times until you become so damn professional. Last time, when I used to shop in Bugis, I just buy when I think it suits me and the price is reasonable (below $10), ended up spending $70-100 for 10 clothes, then i'll only wear 6-7 of them. The leftover 3-4 will be forever in my wardrobe. It's either it really doesn't look good on you, too tight, too weird or not comfortable. But I was quite surprised, after so much failure I accumulated throughout 2012 and 2013, I found out that I improved this year when I shopped with my girl friend. LOL practice makes perfect

5. For shoes, I really suck. I bought 3 shoes this year for CNY. None of them I'm satisfied with. 1 almost killed me. Another one painful but still die die wanna wear. Another one just weird. It's really hard cz when you try on it you only walk a few steps. It's hard to tell. Maybe I'm not experience enough :(

ALL IN ALL I'm quite a failed shopper :(
And so my savior is CAROUSELL. One day, I discovered this app from someone on insta that I followed. I remembered that app but never really bother to try on it. Then one day I become really bueh tahan seeing all my clothes then I decided I NEED TO CLEAR ALL THOSE SHITS OUT!

So I began by capturing pictures of the things I wanted to sell and uploading it with the condition, size, price and stuffs of the item. At first, I'm really scared that no one might want to buy my stuffs. I was quite surprised that some people actually pm-ed me and asking for details. I got contacted immediately on that day I started and was so busy that night replying to comments lol. And yes so far I managed to sell 11-15 stuffs already. Not sure if it's a good result or not. But the most important thing is at least I got to clear 1/4 of my things liao.

Experiences dealing with buyers. So far so good, I believe I'm a good seller too. There's once there's a buyer interested in buying a shoe and she came to my place, we met up and I let her tried first before she decided to buy :D

Just a few times, I got pissed off due to some irresponsible buyers. Promised to meet up, then not answering my whatsapp.... and stuffs

Take a look on the things I'm selling too :D

After that I think I should upload it here too :D Watch out for this space for further updates :D


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