Saturday, April 5, 2014


Just feel like doing this.

Gonna be blogging about my CNY outfits. I'm so satisfied with this year's outfit. My CNY outfits are always more to darker colour. My family, my mum is not the tradition or so called superstitious type so I always don't have the CNY-must-wear-red-thing. I did make an effort to find some colourful clothes like got flower prints, spring-looking clothes. BUT failed. Everything is just black, green, navy, cz it's during chirstmas.

DAY 1 - dress from Hollyhoque, heels from Summit

DAY 2 - dress from ZARA (massive love), flats from RUBI (will mention about this shoe later long story)

DAY 3 - dress from LowrysFarm (massive love, stranger approached me and told me my dress is nice, keke, good taste)

DAY 4 - Top from Bugis, Leather skirt from F21, Loafers from TOPSHOP, Clutch from F21

DAY 5 - Top from Stradivarius

DAY 6 - Top from BUGIS, Skorts from Stradivarius

I got a lot more CNY outfits which I got no chance to wear, 2 more maxi dress and 2 more maxi skirt. Don't even bother to wear it now cz the weather is CRAZY. 24/7 HOT. Can't stand the weather. And thank GOD it finally rained this morning!!!