Thursday, April 10, 2014


Immediately drop by to blog right after I finish my assignments. These few days had been like so terrible for me. So damn hectic. Within 5 days, I got 2 assignments due. So I rushed all the way.

There's basically 2 types of assignment. 1 using a lot of brain cells to think, giving your opinion (less theory). Another one, less consuming of brain cells, but so time consuming, browsing through references, trying to find the perfect suitable one. I can say I prefer using more brain cells to think, giving my own opinions.

I was doing the research and analysis report and I need to write a literature review. I almost dozed off, SO MANY TIMES! I just kept yawning in the library. I just tend to read and read and read and read and READ, trying to find the perfect reference. Using may be 1/4 of my brain cells. THE THING IS, IT'S SO BORING! Can't tahan.

Thought that I could finish by 7 pm, in the end, fail =.= after my dinner, I continued. ALMOST DOZED OFF AGAIN. My eyelids were super HEAVY! Don't bother to look through much, just faster finish the 1/4 leftover and hand in. TBT

And now, I'm finally done! The best moment right now! Relaxed a bit. Rest for a few days, next Thurs/Fri got another 1, NEVER ENDING ASSIGNMENTS. I think i got almost 1 assignment due every week, all the way till exam. =.= Geeezzz that sucks

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