Sunday, July 29, 2012

Life in Singapore

Heyyyy had been so busy lately, busy hanging out with friends after school and doing assignments and I was so lazy to blog. Oops. Shouldn't be like that. So imma blog today. :) Haven't been blogging so often so I had no idea I blog till where. Forgive me if something repeats :(

Okayy, back to topic, life in Singapore, can't believe I have been attending college for like one month plus now and I only left one month till my very first exam in college. Geeeezzzzzzz and now I'm rushing all my assignments so I can "enjoy" my revision without any assignment things "disturbing" it.

College is quite interesting and also boring most of the time (oops). Slowly, getting along better with college friends. YAY! Good thing, got to hang out often after school and can kill those boring times. Bad thing, pocket hole is getting bigger and bigger. Trying to sew it back slowly lol.

Marina Bay Sand's view went there twice in a month.

At Coffee Bean with SP da jie
Had a super great night there with her and Cat,
talking crap for the whole night :D

Partying at Ikea with meatballs. LOL
Selca while others are ordering food.
We went there quite often cz it's quite near to our school.
P.S forgive me for my stupid face

Two weeks ago, I attended the bar-tending competition with friends. Quite a good experience. We had a tutorial few days ago before the competition. A good intro about those liquor and liqor and also bar-tending. That's my very first time "tasting" alcoholic drinks. Wasn't suppose to drink but can only taste cz I'm still under 18 the lecturer said. So, I can only taste with the small straws. LOL

For the competition, we have to come up with our own mock tail and cocktail. My team mates and I had no idea how to make our own recipe cz we are all newbies to alcohol. Stupid and brave enough to take part in the competition. I was damn impressed by my friend, Cat. She just came up with a simple recipe and passed it to us during practice and she went away for her dance practice. 

During practice time, I tried doing mock tail first. After mixing those liqor and juices according to her recipe, I found out that there's milk and choc Hershey there. So, I tried adding those into it. First time, it was quite nice but too sweet so we had to keep on trying out. I remember we tried for five times. It's crazy! In the end, we ended up not adding any milk or choc cz it tastes like milkshake after adding those. Then liqour, we just simply mix according to the recipe. After tasting it, I had no idea it's nice or not nice cz I had never tried before the real cocktail made by professional bartenders! 

Competition day, we just make according to the recipe and it actually turned out quite well. The mock tail wasn't too sweet and the cocktail taste quite nice. The lecturer said our cocktail taste quite refreshing. :D Ofcz, we didn't win la. But we were still quite glad, having this as our experience :D

Team mates and Mr Barry 

Classmates and friends :D

At Raffles.
Trying to take ourselves using the front camera of my iphone and it turned out like shit.
So, I was like ewww so ugly!
And I think the angmo beside me accidentally heard it.
So, he's super nice, came to us and help us to take
And he took like more than 10 shots!
Too cute! :D

I was so so so so so happy after discovering a small mall near my school which has a cotton on outlet there. They sell $2, $5 and $10 stuffs!

Top from H&M
Shorts from Cotton On
Flats from Rubi

Waiting for the bus
with my lovely red earphone
going to JUMBO DUMBO

Black Pepper crab
Lips are burning when I had this
Chilli crab and bread

And me! with the cute apron/napkin.
At first, I don't wanna wear cz it looks stupid.
Then at last I turned out asking for it
cz I scared other ppl's crab will fly towards me instead of dropping my own one. LOL
After posting this, mummy even asked me to bring back cz it's too cute
Photo of the night.
Awwwww I miss my family!!!
Countdown, 1 month 16 days more :)

Annyeong :D

P.S sorry for super bad quality pictures

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