Sunday, July 1, 2012

The end of June

Today's first day of July and let me just end my June with this post. June wasn't a bad month. Cz, my FAV kpop girl group had just made their comeback :D Muahaha!! Check their MV Electric Shock down there. They had over 15 million views! June is their month, topping all the charts and grabbing all those trophies. And me, as a fan is so damn happy watching their live performance and grabbing trophies.

 Just got their album yesterday. Damn yay man! Probably a blog post of their album next time? hmmm...
 Victoria's photocard.

And, her signature :)
Actually, I got Krystal's luckily there's someone who was willing to exchange with me :))
Got Amber's for the solo poster. I wanted to exchange with Vic's but too bad, no one got Vic's.
They said it's all booked by Vic's fanclub from China :(
Damn sad :((
So, at last, I trade for Sulli's.
Still, last hope, anyone wants to trade with me for Vic's poster with Sulli?
Or even selling at a cheaper price?
*puppy eyes
PM me, or leave a comment down there
School had started for like 2 weeks. Tomorrow is gonna be the 3rd week. Starting to do assignments and needa start for revision before I ended up rushing like a mad man. Class quiz next Thursday? Isn't that too fast, Mr. Lecturer? It's just the third week man! No no no, you had just finished one third of your module. You think it's still early? It's not! FML that's what my lecturer said. There's no play play for this time. College life man! But, I'll just say, Keep Calm and just Play+Study. Enjoy life man!

Planned to do my assignment and continue my research this afternoon. But PHAILED :( I was just too busy doing my own stuff :)

 My lunch. Mee Goreng and Yakult! Yakult! Yakult! Yakult!!!!! My favourite drink when I was 7-8 years old. Bought it every single weekdays when I was in primary school. It's just so damn awesome. Stopped when I moved to Sibu cz Sibu only sell Vitagen instead of Yakult. Yakult is better than Vitagen. 10 years later, I started to fall for it! Hahaha!!! I actually drank 2 bottles today and I decided to take another one. But, I was thinking is it too much? So fine, tomorrow another one. But please don't tell me it's fattening or what. Please please please!

Carey just tagged me this picture. Wonder what is this? YES! It's KAMPUA! OMG!!! Saliva dripping! Hands up if you are from Sibu but you're far away from Sibu and you miss this badly!

I miss HOME, I miss my FAMILY, I miss my room, I miss my bed, I miss my doggie, I miss my AIRCON!
Tomorrow's gonna be another fun day perhaps? School at 3.30 pm is just so damn nice cz I got to wake up late but damn "booooo" when I have to get into the super packed mrt at 6.30 pm. That's the problem living in a busy city.
THE END of my post today :)))

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