Sunday, July 15, 2012


Hey ya! Can't believe it's in the mid of July and school had started for a month already. Geezzz Weekdays, it's just all about school and a bit hang out time with friends after school. Before school, I just have to prepare myself brunch. For an idiot like me who doesn't know how to cook, I got tips for you. Easy, just go to the supermarket, buy frozen stuffs, put into the oven or microwave. DONE! That's what I'd done for the last two weeks.
Wedges and marinated chicken.

Went to Sarawakian fellowship last week. Met nice ppl there.
Super love my candy colour summer nails <3

Mommy's here for 4 days already and she's going back soon sad :( Gonna spend more precious time with her. And I finally got my BIGBANG STILL ALIVE ALBUM!!! TADAH!!!!

 *show off
Troll haahaha!
prob, I should have a short vid abt it and my fx's album.
maybe :D
Went to queenstown shopping mall last week with my friend cz we wanna get ourselves a pair of sports shoe. We heard that there sell tons of shoes so we went there after school. Shopping is always full of dilemma when you are not the rich ones. Thinking which one to buy, which one is cheaper and which one is more worth it. When you are not the rich ones, there's lots of things for you to think about. If you rich enough, it's different case. You can just buy whatever you want! Okay, so my friend and I just went into more than 15 shops which are all selling sports shoes and all are almost similar. Funny thing is, we don't get to buy one for the first round. Then, we went for dinner. After dinner, we went back to the same shops, looking and searching up and down, walking in and out, thinking thinking thinking. Finally, we bought ourselves one. SATISFIED, go home.
 My pair of Nike Shoes :D
Bought this just because I wanna go for jogging in order to slim down and keep fit. 
*finger crossed

15/7, went out with mummy, Marina Bay Sands.
Outfit of the day.

Korean Cuisine.
Love the soup <3

Today, another tiring day. Met my long time no see relatives then adults shopped and talked. And I just followed.

Chinese Cuisine at Paradise Dynasty.

Sorry for making you guys felt so dead reading my blog. It can't be more interesting when I'm lacked of  photos and when I'm super tired and super sleepy. :((

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