Friday, August 24, 2012


Hey hey everyone!! I was so lazy to blog lately. Ooooppsss. Ok, so now back to point. So fast, it's almost the end of August now. And today, is my last day of school for my first term. Next week, is revision week. Next next week for two weeks is gonna be my exam week. After exam, I'M GOING BACK! YAY!!! I'm so freagggiinnn excited but before I got excited, I needa get myself well prepared for the exam. I don't wanna remodule!

Two weeks ago was my presentation for Marketing and Monday was my presentation for ITT. I'm so glad that I had overcome it already. For me, presentation is worst than having an injection. (was it a good description to describe my fear?) Anyway, presentation is SCARY. I always had stage fright or whatever fright whenever I'm gonna present myself in front of the audience. Like ALWAYS. No doubt, this time the presentation is exactly the same story. So, luckily it's over and luckily the presentation my group did quite well. We were so relieved. YAY!

Presentation DONE, assignment DONE. So next, is gonna be doing revision. There's so many things to memorize and I hate it. But, no choice :(

Story telling time, back to few weeks ago, during Singapore National Day.........

Though I was born and half-ly raised in Singapore, I had no idea how's the National Day in Singapore like. There's no school that day but I still went to school to practice for the presentation. After that, my Singaporean friend who had nothing special that day, brought me to the perfect place to see the National-Day-thingy. So, she was basically describing the whole Singapore-National-Day-thingy to me. LOL

First, is the flock of people in there, basically everyone was wearing either red or white or BOTH. Some even paint their nail red and white cz Singapore's flag is red and white. Most of the people wear red that day. There's so many people! Like A LOT!

Actually there's a lot of things but I only managed to capture these three pics

Fireworks part is ofcz the best part.

Selca while we were waiting

Finished the National-Day-thingy, continue to another thing. Another crazy experience for me. Friend just passed her driving license and she wanted me to accompany her to drive to school. Singapore's road is like crazy! It's so confusing! She's Singaporean and I'm Malaysian. She don't know the way, how can I know? LOL so, we check on the GPS-map-thingy. BUT, we still get lost! Luckily we still found the way to school. That's the go-to-school. After school, we drove to somewhere near school to chill and eat. After dinner, it's pretty late and almost all the shops closed and only left one or two shops, we decided to leave. That time, it's almost 11 pm. Cool, not much car. Of course, we set up the GPS-map-thingy with our phone, and we followed the way. At first, we were so happy cz we went to the correct way and we thought we were safe from getting lost. Then, we missed a thing and we gone all the way to a place we had no idea where it is. Then, we stopped by to relocate. And we went all the way back to the place where we started and went all the way back to friend's house area. And again we missed something and gone all the way up to find a "U-TURN". She's safe, and I was so scared I'll miss the last bus. At that time was 12.00 am. Luckily the last bus was 12.32 am. And I got to take MRT back to Bedok then wait for the last bus. Or else I have to waste the freaggginnn money to take cab home. Then, the whole night it's so hard for me to sleep cz the map thingy just stucked in my brain LOL.

Next day, we went to East Coast Park cz one of my friend said wanna go cycling and I so wanna have seafood. So, we went all the way down to ECP. Luckily friends were driving :D

That's my cute driving friend - IRENE
No kidding.
We went cycling at night.

Trying to find a brighter place,
so we took photo under the road lamp.
Selca-ing while waiting for our food to be served.
That's our first round.
Second round, we went for Roti Johne i think?

Long stories END. Now, it's random pics.


1. Walking at Ikea and found out a section with cute furniture for kids. The cute chair I was trying to fit myself in. Damn shiok. It's 390 degree some more.
2.One of the most anticipated drama "When Love Walked In" staring my all-time-favourite-idol ---> F(x) Victoria, SJ-M's Zhou Mi and Fahrenheit's Calvin. It's gonna be so damn nice. The teaser made me even more excited. The first ep is gonna air on 27/8. EXCITED!!!
3. Had been so addicted to bubble tea these days. Like SO ADDICTED. 
4. One day in class.
5. Like the standard thing to do whenever we go to Anchor Point's toilet LOL

20 more days to go and I'm so freaggggiiiinnn excited. I miss my FAMILY, FRIENDS and HOME!

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