Friday, April 29, 2011

Praise God!!! :

Ello peeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today, my big day was FINALLY over :) FINALLY!!! Finally I'm not that busy on certain trainings finally, I'm not that busy on thinking drill things. FINALLY!!!!!

Woke up around 5.15 am this morning, got myself ready and went to school at 6.00 am. On the way to school, there was no car, no jam only a few hardworking people jogging. There's an old lady that scares me. She wearing a yellow shirt with her head bowing so down and her hair so grey! In my mind was :" Am I the one who saw it? Who the hell is she? So free? "

Back to the point. We gathered at the canteen, had uniform checks and everything. Then off we go to Sacred Heart. Nervous like hell. First we had our uniform check by the judges. Yikes. Some people from other school were like yawning, scratching and doing some funny actions. Geezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

Finally, the competition starts at 9.00 am. Thank God we were the 2nd team and the weather was fine, no one fainted and we were all so calm and steady though we did big mistakes :) Great that we heard so many people had great comments on our formation esp some parts we heard people screaming and clapping for us. THANKS PEOPLE! You guys gave us more confidence :)

The result was, we've got 1st runner up. :) Thank God :) Not that satisfied but ok. Cried like so silly-ly LOL so damn embarrassing :(

Will try to get some better pictures and videos from others :)
P.S Big big thanks to all the people ( teachers, miss and madam, parents, people who let us practice and didn't play their basketballs or whatever balls) Thank you so so much. You guys made this happen :)

And now, we're proud of GB. We finally proved to others who looked down upon us!!! :))

After that, my mum and I went to Poppies to get Sereni and Shentel's hair band :) Seriously, honestly their hair bands are gorgeous. Today. at Poppies, you can even design, mix and match your own hair band. It's too bad if you didn't went there just now.

Did the mix and match just now and I'll get it probably next week and mummy just bought a
Block Party for me. :) Simple, classic, elegant :)

Will post the other one when I got it :) Now here's sereni, shentel, mummy and I. :)
Will get more next time cz they are way too gorg :)
Remember to help me click and view on the thing below. THANKS :)))

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