Tuesday, April 26, 2011


中分?ooooooooooo~~ :) Love it :D
Tried to update my blog more frequent :) Ellooo peeps it's 9.56 pm now... Geezzzz time flies. Exam is coming soon, drill competition is coming real soon. Fyi, this coming Saturday. Geezzzz O.O. Had been practicing everyday after school. So tiring. Just hope that our hard work is all worth it. Our teacher went to have meeting this afternoon. Very lucky, luckily we were the first team for Girl's team to march. Boy's first team is also gonna be PBSM from our school. Very lucky cause we can avoid the extra hot sun that makes my weak team mates faint.

Well, don't say me bad. I just don't understand why they always faint :( Maybe because they are too weak? Probably. Just hope that they don't faint on that day. Pleaseeeeeeeeee GOD pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee....

Tomorrow morning gonna have practice early in the morning at 6.30 am. We pleaded the teacher to let us practice till 7.30 am because there is no assembly but I got Bio test. Who cares :) But teacher say she needs to ask the Discipline teacher, Mr. Lee. Just in case she's not gonna work it out, someone suggested 30 of us go straight to the office to beg him LOL. Hope we can get his permission tomorrow then :) *winks

This word seems familiar and hateful right? YESH! I hate homework. Homework, I got tons. Since this year starts, homework non-stop. I just can't do homework at home. Reasons :
1. I'm lazy
2. I'm tired
3. Due to the 1st and 2nd reason, I need to have nap
4. After nap, I need to go for tuition
5. If i'm lucky, I only have one tuition a day. If I'm not, I'll have two. The most unlucky is Thursday. 12.40 I finish my school. Reach home around 12.55 pm. When I finish eating and bathing, it's 1.30pm and I got tuition at 2.00pm and I can't even have a nap. 2.00-4.00 english tuition. After that, I need to rush to another tuition because I hate to be late esp the teacher standing there teaching, everyone seating there starring at you till you go back to your own seat. =.=Geez MAINPOINT: I got tuition
6. After tuition, you can't expect me to study cz I need to rest and eat.
7. After dinner, I'm lazy I need to have some entertainment ---> watch tv :)
8. After all my programs, it's late and I need to sleep :)
Teeeheeee :D
I shouldn't so much excuse. 一分耕耘,一分收获 means if you want to succeed, you need to work hard. So, I should work hard. But it's all after this Saturday, the drill competition.
To all SPM candidates, work hard to score or you are going to miss this and time won't rewind and you can't regret :) I'll blog about it more. Some pictures of my look before tuition yesterday :)

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