Sunday, April 24, 2011


It's time for me to blog again. Feel so sorry and guilty for not blogging for so so so so long...

Well, finally I had outdates with family and friends :)
Went to Zen last Thursday to celebrate bro's b'day. Had so many dishes, but i only took a few :( I'm missing them now though I just ate it again just now :)
Potato Karroke or what de :)
Dragon Roll (absolutely yummy)
Salmon Teriyaki (Shio is better)
I duno call what (crab inside)

最后变到我和妈妈是主角似的 :D

Yesterday,went to Zen again to celebrate babe's b'day. Ordered tons of food didn't took any pics of it. Had a great time with my sisters. Chatting for almost three hours sambil eating. We chat, we gossip, we play, we joke. It's so fun. Felt really good after that.

Friends are just different from family. Family are just different from friends. Family cares about you, they won't give you up, they give you unconditional LOVE. Friends can be good and bad. BUT thank God I got a bunch of awesome friends that makes my life colourful :) *winks.
Qiqi & Zhi wen
Qiqi and Mabel
Xin Nee and Qiqi

Vivian and I :)
Mabel and Xin Nee
Zhi Wen and I :)
Cake? Sushi? B'day stick? or tea?

This week is gonna be a stressful week :( Wait for my next post. It will be either a sad or happy one :)

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