Friday, April 1, 2011


Elloooo people!!! It's April fool today! Happy April Fool! Have you tricked someone? If not go now the clock strikes at 12.oo :) Just have some fun :D haha

Seriously, I was like extremely busy these days. I need to study since exam it's like 5 weeks later and I'm having SPM these year (ewww), practice drill cause it's 29 days later and i haven't deal with the formation thing, tons of homework not done, having 6 tuitions..... Life is just.... urghhhh... easy :D

So much thing not done yet. I got to inform tons of ppl and I'm leading praise and worship tmrw but I hvn find any songs yet and I need to find some video for the formation thing tomorrow. And I haven't practice for the praise and worship yet. There's a stupid thing I duno how to start singing the song whenever the pianist finish playing the intro. So that's why I dun like leading praise and worship. So freaking embarrassing after doing it like two or three times. :( But I'll just give it a try. Pray for me :) *winks I'll appreciate :D

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