Friday, October 19, 2012

Wednesday night

Top from Blogshopping
Shorts from ROMP
Bag from Charles and Keith
Loafers from random shop

Wednesday, me and my friends decided to go to the town to have dinner and then coffee bean. So, right after school, we took bus to Suntec City.

Camho-ed in the bus. Double decked bus is like too shiok. We can talk and laugh and play and camwho when there's not much people.

So, we went all the way to Suntec City. Well, erm Suntec City is sooooooooooo quiet for a shopping mall. I just missed the time when my parents always bring me there to play and shop at the Carefour and eat the roti prata there.

My Double Chocolate with the whipped cream. It's so yummy :D

Found a comfy seat. Four sofas and with plugs near the corner.

Me and Cat
With our Coffee Beans.
LOL-ed at Irene with her ICE WATER.
 Damn love this picture. Credits to CAT. :D

 Like a must to take picture in the toilet when there's a mirror especially those long ones.

After that, we walked all the way to MBS. MBS is a nice place to chill. Having nice views, cool air, nice place.

Oops I like too dark sia :(

Trying to pose differently?

 My three girls :D

Errrrrr... trying to learn from Irene, the very awkward peace sign.

 Too much pattern.
This is what will happen when nobody helps us to take a group photo and we are too shy to ask people to take for us. Too much random and useless space, on top, below, left and right.

Last picture of the night. 
After chilling it's always a gam jiong time, rushing to the station to take the train just in case we missed the last train and after that needa rush again to make sure we won't miss the last bus. Walked like hell fast. And now, leg pain cz I went jogging on Tuesday and Wednesday muscle pain. Wednesday walked so hard and fast and even pain. Now, super pain. And now, I walk like so weird even when I walk down the stairs, like some sort of old people.
TGIF everyone! Have a good weekend :D

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