Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Shopping and Outfits!

Okay good that I kept my promise to blog about my outfits and shopping in Singapore. So, today will be an outfit and shopping post! EXCITED!
September was my b'day month so, I promised to buy somethings for my own b'day present. So, I was so excited to shop when I first got back to Singapore. When I got back, I think I just straight went shopping on the second day. First, I went Far East Plaza. I always love to go Blogshopping to shop on their outfits. Okay basically is the whole Far East Plaza cz Far East Plaza got lots of shop selling blogshop stuffs at blogshop price. So I damn love Far East stuffs but the price is still a bit too pricey for me, as a Malaysian some more a student cz it's always x2.5! Sometimes the price is like crazy! Besides, Far East is a good place to shop for shoes! They got CHEAP SHOES! Cheapest I saw is like $9.90?! And I damn love the Taiwanese Ji Pai there! So what I bought from Far East this month? Basically, it's a skullhead tank top, black pullover, rainbow neon knitter and a black shorts. 
Rainbow Neon

Skullhead tank top. I guess it goes better with the high waist-ed shorts right? I guess so, cz it got more likes on my insta! LOL

Okay next is BUGIS! I swear! Every girl who go to Bugis will definitely gone cray cray just like me. Maybe boys too! Every thing is like $10? $12? $15? $18? $20? $22? Cheap cheap cheap! But it's BUGIS VILLAGE! Not BUGIS JUNCTION! So basically, I gave up on Blogshopping! Bugis is still the best! Cz 1 from Blogshopping = 3 from BUGIS! So why not buy more at the same price? BUT ofcz Blogshopping style is nicer lo and some more you can try. Bugis is no try! So, you must think carefully before you buy though the things are cheap. I believe you won't want to buy a thing then you bring it home, you found out that it's not comfy and it doesn't suit you and you put there, you feel so BAD! So again, what I got from there?

7 tops and 1 dress. Okay honestly,errrrrr I think I only wear before 4 of them others I still can't get the right taste perhaps? Printed tees are casual and not so bad for the cutting just that the material is like damn hot! The two tees come with the mustard long sleeves half cut top, 3 for $20! There's like no reason not to buy? But I damn love the mustard yellow top!

 It looks like this! It's just CASUAL!

 This is the collar sleeveless top. Sorry for no whole body cz I was too rush that day. It's fine? Should be :D
Damn love this chiffon spaghetti straps top! It's hmm good for hot weather like Singapore? Wore the outer long sleeve cz the button behind the chiffon spaghetti just drop when I was wearing it without unbutton the button cz I thought I can fit in without unbutton it but who knows, my head is too big. So great, I need to sew it back now. Luckily the button is still with me :)

Outfit to scape. 
My dear friend kept on persuading me to go to a flea cz they got cheap stuffs! So, I googled it! And I found out that one of the place that has a flea is SCAPE! Every week they got flea during weekends. So, I managed to persuade my other friend to accompany me go, cz she also wanted to go. Under win win situation, we both went. Flea, it's supposed to sell like second hand stuff at cheaper price. So I expect there's stuffs around $1-$10. But it just disappoint me, it's brand new blogshop stuffs at almost blogshop price! But I still manage to get a shorts at $5. It's kinda, a bit tight but still fine for me. Still wanna get it cz it's only $5! So maybe next time, I'll choose to go for only the special events at SCAPE instead of those every week ones.

Next, a must go place which I think most of those foreigners who come to Singapore won't know place is Anchor Point. It's located at Queenstown. Anchor Point got 6 outlets which are FOX, Giordano, G2000, Pedro, Charles and Keith and Cotton On. Basically it's not that much but if you are a big fan of Cotton On and Charles and Keith, you MUST GO! Charles and Keith I think they got more discount. 
The bag I got is around $39.90 it's after discount so the ori price is like $69.90? If I'm not mistaken. For a bag, it's fine to get at a higher price cz a bag you may use for quite long and you won't want your bag handle to break when you carrying it when you are walking or what. So, yea. 

Next, Cotton On it's like crazy! I swear I never buy before such cheap clothes like $1 the cheapest? The best time is the time when I bought 7 outfits at $20+. That's too shiok! They got things like $2/$5/$10 and BUY 1 FREE 1 months ago! AND THAT'S CRAZY! So, me and my friends went cray cray, fitting and buying until the shop almost close. So main point is, you won't feel so bad if the $1 shirt you bought doesn't fit you right? After I know the existence of that shop, my closet is like full of cotton on things. Perhaps a blog on Cotton On Outlet store next time? And I just spotted some AWESOME stuffs there but I didn't buy cz I promise not to shop for this month. I spot like maxi dress for ONLY $10! And a tank top that drop from $10 to $5 and a damn chio chiffon long sleeve collar top at $15! Please don't go grab it cz Imma get it next month!!! Please wait for me pleasy pleaseee!
Chiffon top that suits like damn well with my jeggings. At first I thought like it's so ugly at the sleeves there but I can't don't buy it cz it's only $10 some more BUY 1 FREE 1. Okay, typical auntie type! Like BUY 1 FREE 1 must GET! Luckily it fits my jeggings which I bought also from a random pushcart at Anchor Point at $16.90. It's damn comfy and easy to go with anything! I wanna get some other colour!

 So, spotted my loafer? Yes, my blue loafer from a random store at Parkway. But you still can get it at Far East Plaza.
Outfit, top from Blogshopping and my current favourite lacy-but-not-so-lacy-shorts! DAMN LOVE IT! It's from Purpur!

Basically, that's just a simple part on shopping in Singapore. So called budget shopping maybe? 
Finally done blogging :D

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