Monday, September 17, 2012

Yesh, I'm a September Baby :D

Yes! Today is my BIG DAY! My 18th! Can't believe I'm 18! Another 2 years to 20! I can still remember there's lots of celebration for my b'day when I was a kid. Celebrating b'day in the kindergarten! Now, I'm getting older and older or perhaps more teenage-er and teenage-er before older and older. haha. My 18th is just SIMPLE. Most of my besties are not around so there's not much fun :(

Basically it's just a normal day added with a simple as usual small celebration with the FAM! 

Insisted my brother to take for me :D

Me with the CAKE


Yes! Celebrated with the FAM cz, I'm back to SIBU! I'm back!!! So glad that I'm back! I just missed my FAM and FRIENDS so much back in SG! Now, I'm happy! :D 

15th, besties had a small celebration for the three of us. It's really hard to celebrate all of our b'days when we are all separated :( This time, we had our holidays, so we got the small chance to celebrate together :D

Cake cut session!

Group photo
Camwhore session!

 Okay sad thing we didn't camwhore much cz we spend too much time on talking and my schedule is packed on that day. And unfortunately I can only meet two of them ONCE! Duhhhh sadness to the max! Okay, I kinda miss the time we got to meet each other everyday! :((

Next, is one of the happiest thing of this year! 
I finally got to meet my PRIMARY SCHOOL BESTIE!!! Awwwwwwww PRIMARY SCHOOL MAN! I think she's the only one. 

We finally met after 4/5 years! Miss her so much and we talked so much since the second she stepped into my car. Then non-stop till the moment she stepped out of my car! Unfortunately, we only got to meet once before she left :(

Lastly, I've got to say this again! Thank you so much to all the people who wished me Happy Birthday through what-so-ever-thing-that-can-reach-me! Insta, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, SMS. THANKS! And to my bestie, Joyce, thanks for your so meaningful SPAMMIN on FB and Whatsapp! I'll reply you SOON! And also SKYPE-ing with me together with the TORTOISE! And my dear XIN NEE! Thanks for calling from MELB just to wish me a Happy Birthday! And babe VIVIEN, thanks for your insta post! And and and the most important one my FAM! BIG LOVE to all of YOU! <3 p="p">

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