Sunday, June 24, 2012

First week of college.

Hey everyone! Yesh!!! School just started last week. And yes, the so-damn-socially-awkward-person, and that's me felt so damn super freaking awkward/nervous/excited that day. Seriously, what-so-ever-first-day is always hard for me. I felt nervous.
Story starts,
Photo: Time for #school. First day an i'm nervous like hell
First day, school informed me to be there at 10-11 am to collect my Immigration document. I don't wanna be late so I woke up around 6.50 am and got myself ready. The distance from my house is quite far so I had to leave earlier. There's lots of people on the bus and also MRT since people are all going to work. And when I reached school and got my documents, it's only 10.15 am and my orientation will only starts at 1.00 pm. I had no idea what to do. So, I decided to go to the nearest place that I know. That's Harbourfront the only MRT station that I know. So, I went there to have my breakfast and since there's still some time, I went for window shopping. It's so so so damn good to shop at that time. Why? Cz there's not much people and you won't need to queue for the fitting room. How good. Then,the first day, orientation day, I was almost late cz I underestimated the journey. Stupid me! Luckily I wasn't cz it started late. As I said, first day was so awkward for me. Orientation it's just all about rules and school. Then, refreshment and I got to meet some friends. Then, first class starts. Economic on Leisure and Tourism.

Second day, I woke up damn early again to go to the ICA to get my student pass done. And they told me to bring my passport size photo and I bring it. It was taken few months ago. They told me to retake it cz my fringe touched my eyebrow. Damn that was my best passport size photo k! The BEST! So, i went to take it and they asked me to pin my fringe up not even a single hair can cover my forehead and touch my eyebrow. There's a bit touched my brows, they spray water on my hand and ask me to comb it. And the picture came out. Obviously, it sucks! I got the roundest face and shitiest face although I smiled in the picture. And some more red pimples, so obvious. Sorry I can't show you, cause it's too ugly!

Okay, five days of school, there's four days, I was counted as late but luckily the class didn't start on time. And the first week, I already got all the assignments for all course. Comforting and telling myself, college, Imma HAVE FUN!!!! 

Done for today's blog post. 

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