Saturday, June 16, 2012

Long time no see :D

Haven't blog for ages! I ain't a good blogger :( working hard to be one :)
If you are my friend from facebook or my follower on instagram, you'll know almost all:)
Firstly, i cut my hair shorter

Tada. Clean, clear, fresh and tidy right?
Super tak boleh tahan my long long hair.
Good thing, it's pretty and I can have many hair styles.
Bad thing, my hair tangles a lot it takes me ages to blow my hair.
Conclusion, cut it!

Second, I'm back to Singapore :)
It's almost a week. 
School stars next Monday :D
I'm so excited and nervous too :(

I got my BigBang Still Alive Special Edition Top's Version!
It's far away from me, in Sibu :(
Gonna wait till July, Mommy's coming to Singapore and she's gonna bring it back to me :)

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Spot my red mirror like iphone case?
SWAG man!
love it!
I'll update SOON :D

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