Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy life :D

Okay, I was like blogging in the bus with my iphone, trying to be a responsible blogger. I was like "Deng", here comes my inspiration! So I started blogging and I had no idea how to place the pictures, move up and down and all those, and my phone is almost out of battery so I decided to save and I'll place the pic in place from the comp then I post. I did press the "SAVE" button, then now I was where the hell is my post huh. GONE! WEIRD! And I have to reblog again SHITT!

Okay, today was a nice day :D A happy girl, having a happy life :) p.s cz I bought new outfits for myself and I super love it :P 


Outfit of the day.
Top from one of blogshopping's featured blog.
Vintage ring
Rubi bangles
Rubi bag
Rubi animal printed shoes

Went to Somerset to get Mummy's stuffs then went to H&M. OMG their FASHION AGAINST AIDS collection was like OMGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE too AWESOME liao! 

Big big love. BUT whenever I OMG at the first second the next second I would like STOP you're buying too much! So in the end, I bought nothing :(

After that, I got no idea where to go. So, I sat at toast box alone, high tea-ing.

Ice sour plum soda (I guess)
And I forgot what cake is it

Then I took MRT and took bus to Parkway to meet my grandma and auntie and back home. On the way home, I was on the bus, blogging, and there's those high school students gossiping. A likes B and B doesn't like A. Who this who that, this and that and bla bla bla. I was like awwwwwwwwwwwwww that's what I used to do back in my school days.I mean like I also do that now in my age but now in Sg I don't have any best buds to do this. I kinda miss my high school life. Gossiping there with my BFFs and talk heart to heart. I miss them. Awwwwww. Anyway, I'm going back soon :) 30th. Hehe :D
Oh yea! I got approved by MDIS! They just mailed me my Offer letter few days ago. HEHE! :D Now, everything's settled, waiting for school to start. BTW, school only starts at 18th June. So, I got one month plus in Sibu. Sad and happy. Sad because I need to wait till another one month plus so I can start my school life. I'm already rotten for like 4 months :(( Happy cz I can stay longer with my family :))) Sometimes, I kinda miss them :(

3 days more! Gonna pack now. Daddy bought 20 kg luggage for me. Most people was like scared they will overweight and I'm like trying to find things to bring back so I can reach 20 kg or it will be wasted. LOL


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