Sunday, August 7, 2011

Life of life.

My life is just stuck with school, tuition and studies... and not much interesting things to blog. *sad face :( 20+ days Trial exam is coming up so soon :(

31/07/11 :

Went to Thai Chicken Rice there to have lunch with mummy and daddy.
The chicken :)
The Rice :)
It's nice esp the sambal! :D
5/8/11 :
Puasa started. Malays started to sell things near Parkson there. Ofcz I can't miss it. Went straight there after tuition. Lots of things to eat. And, we just bought some Nasi "Beyani?", roti canai, mee goreng (AWESOME), Roti bla bla bla .....

The man making KEBAP.

Gonna go there next time so many things to eat.

6/8/11 :

Tuition look :P

Camwhored before going for tuition.

Tuition for threeeeeee hours. =.= Duhhhhh

7/8/11 :
Outfit of the day :
Top from MNG
Shorts from Esprit
Hair band from S&S
一脸睡饱样. LOL
Seems like my hair is growing longer :) YAY! :D

Had been so busy these days, busy doing revisions. Finished revising Add Maths. Chemistry half way. :) Started reading some chinese novels since two weeks ago LOL CHINESE NOVELS/LOVE STORIES. Everyone was like "WOW! You read CHINESE?! ZOMG!" and the other one " I thought you only read English books..." That's the reactions I've got from my friends. LMFAO C'mon guys I finished four leh hahahha *clapsss. The one I just finished was AWESOME! Love it! Gonna borrow more from friends :P
English love stories and chinese love stories are just totally different. English love stories is just more straight forward and quite "open" and the english type of sweet. Chinese love stories is just all about the day dreaming, handsome prince and "夸张", girls inside are all day dreaming, reactions are so... erm so 花痴 just like the Taiwan dramas. BUT I just LOVE it. LOL *don't laugh! The plot everything are AWESOME! :P Teehee :P

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