Sunday, August 28, 2011

Screw me! :P

Oopsieee, haven't been blogging for so so so so LONG. My last post was 13th August. Heheeeeeeeeee................
My time organizing SUCKS! So so sooooooo busy these days. Gonna be more concentrate next week. STUDY STUDY STUDY. LOCK MYSELF AT HOME, STUDY! :((((((((((  
Still remember my last post? The western food post :D It was last last Saturday and last Saturday, I went to Mummy's friend's house to have dinner. TONS OF YUMMY 

Outfit of the day :D
LOVE my hair ! <3

See it's that much.
Chinese food,
Malay food,
Indon food,
Japanese Cuisine too :P

And and and...... my lovely CRAB!
One of my wish after SPM,
eat one whole table of crabs at home with family/friends :D
Hahhahha....... weird right? LOL

After dinner......
My stomach was like super duper FULL.
Full to the MAX.
Until I feel like it's gonna explode :P

That's last week. This week, Saturday and Sunday, went to the Ramahdan store to have some awesome food! Bought mee goreng, kueh tiao goreng, kebap and cakes yesterday. Since it's the last day today, so, I told mummy this morning to go there again to buy food. The mee goreng and kueh tiao goreng was like exrtemely AWESOME. So, we bought it again today! :D and some satays more more more food :D FATNESS =.=

Trial is one week away, SPM is just two months more :( Haven't got myself well prepared :( OMG *nervous face.......... So, won't be blogging much :( 

Picture of the pictures ! :P
She's Victoria from f(x). Super pretty! LOVE HER! :P <3 
Vic omma, jang joh-a! :D

Annyeong :D
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