Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Okay now just wanna let you all know I'm now safe and sound in SINGAPORE :D Teeheee :P

Woke up super early this morning to wash my hair then went to the airport with mummy and daddy :D
Boarding Pass.
Luggage checked in:D

He looks sad right?
I know :')

They made me here :D
*Proud face :)

With mummy :D

Did I cry? Ofcz I did. The security was like watching me there. OMG. Yeerrrrr..... Arrived Kuching around 9 am. And sat at Old Town watching dramas for like 4 hours until my lappie is out of battery. 2nd time taking a plane alone. One word LONELY.

When it was my turn after queuing up for 20 minutes at the check in counter, and when it was my turn and I handed out my boarding pass and passport, suddenly the guy said sorry counter close. I was like WHAT?! And he was like giggling there and said, "don't worry , don't panic , don't nervous ya, we are now bergilir, changing, you know? Take turns?" And I was like, "Owhhh, okay okay.... haha......" And waited for like more than 5 minutes less than 10 minutes again. Seriously, the guy almost freaked me out at the first time LOL.....

Reached here around 5 pm. Safe and sound :D 
Gonna do some important things tomorrow. ;D Wish me luck and everything will be fine. :D


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  2. Jacqueline!:)
    我去年也是一個人去新加坡讀書 超害怕孤單T^T

  3. Awww thank you haha :D Btw, nice to meet you :D